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We recently were on vacation in Durango, Colorado when our transmission overheated on the second day of our vacation. We first contacted the local chevy dealership and were told they couldn't get to us until Thursday or Friday. Knowing we planned on leaving by Friday we knew this couldn't work so we begun trying to call around finding someone that could get to us quicker. The Napa store recommended Dana Lashbrooke and Animas Automotive. Were we lucky with this recommendation! Not only did Dana realize how desperate we were to have the vehicle fixed quickly but spent several minutes calling around town trying to find the best deal on a rental car for our family. Then he took my husband all the way across town to pick up the rental car. Dana had his team get right on our vehicle and had it repaired in TWO days! And as a final wow for my husband and I, Dana was willing to take an out of town check so that we were able to continue to use our cash on vacation. If Dana treats out of towners this well, knowing he will probably never receive additional business from us, I can only imagine how good he is to his regular customers. I just wanted the association to know what great service we received from one of it's members.
- Roberta Morgan
Quality Care Automotive is the ATRA member that I chose to diagnose and repair my vehicle. “Quality Care” definitely belongs in the name of Greg Muth’s business. Based on this single experience, I will be one of his lifelong customers and I will be referring others to his business.
- Julia Hadas - Selma, TX
Thank you for sharing your transmission knowledge with myself and others. I will highly recommend this site to my friends and family.
- Mike Parker - Bellows Falls, VT
Robert Hawkins at Nationwide Transmissions & Auto Repair in Albuquerque, NM know how to run a business and know how keep their customers happy, I will always bring my vehicles here and will refer to all who will listen.
- Eric Sanchez - Rio Rancho, NM
My wife and I were traveling out of the country; we live in the United States, when our truck broke down in Nanaimo, BC Canada. We spotted a transmission repair shop and pulled into the lot looking for a number to contact somebody. It was Sunday evening, most of the businesses were closed and we were pretty stressed out. As I was looking around the business a vehicle pulled onto the premises and this is when I met John Russell. John did not know me, it was late Sunday evening, but he took the time to look at our vehicle and let us know that it was not a good idea to try and drive our truck and camper any further. The next morning he made arrangements with the company who originally rebuilt the transmission to allow Aalltech Transmission to provide the warranty work. I had to originate the call to the shop that would be covering the warranty but from there on he did all the legwork. I felt very well taken care of by John and really appreciated his honesty in letting us know what each step of the process was. We were on vacation that week and were on our way to visit my wife’s family; I asked John if he could recommend a rental agency. He then informed us that he had a van that we could use while the truck was being fixed. This was someone who I had just met for the first time a little over 12 hours ago who was wanting us to use his van so that we could continue on with our vacation. In my professional life I am a mechanic for Coca Cola and I recognize quality work when I see it. The crew that he has working for him takes pride in doing the job right. In all of my dealing with John he was courteous, honest, and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody I know.
- Barry and Darlene Stroyan - Everett, WA
On Easter weekend of this year my family and friends were on our way south of Salt Lake City, Utah for a camping trip when the transmission in my Chevrolet pickup quit operating properly. We made it to Price, Utah and were told by the first two transmission shops we called that they could not help. Then we called Transmission Express and the man I talked to, Jim, agreed to help. This was a stressful situation that looked bad at best, however, Jim went out of his way to help out, even trying to get a rental vehicle for us. I noticed the shop was affiliated with ATRA and was so impressed with their help that I vowed to write a letter of recommendation for Jim and the ATRA Transmission Express shop in Price, Utah. Jim fixed my transmission in two days and turned a bad situation into a good weekend. I did not get his last name, but Jim did a great job, and because of his professionalism and I will always look for the ATRA logo for any future service.
- Don Neff - Salt Lake City, UT
When both my car and my wife's car developed transmission problems at the same time I was sure I was looking at a huge repair bill. I took both cars to Authorized Transmissions in Havertown, PA and the owner, Fred Reiser diagnosed both cars' problems and repaired them both in two days at about one-third of the cost of completely rebuilding each transmission. He repaired and replaced only what was malfunctioning, when other shops wanted to rebuild both transmissions. Fred and Tony also found some other problems, not related to the transmission and recommended that I fix them as soon as possible. They are honest, competent, friendly and fast. My wife and I are both very pleased with the outcome.
- Thomas and Anne O'Brian - Lansdowne, PA
We took a trip with our kids for Spring Break 2011 from Texas to California, to Vegas, to Grand Canyon and back home to Texas. A 3800 mile round trip, all in nine days. On Saturday, the second day of the trip, our GMC Yukon XL transmission was having trouble shifting gears in the small town of Yuma, AZ. We just knew that would end our trip that barely started. I called around to local dealerships, auto parts and repair shops. Everyone told me that there would be no one to look at it until Monday. I got in touch with a local who called Pablo at America's Transmissions and told him our story. Pablo was willing to stay late and work on our truck to get us back on the road! And at a great price! We dropped our truck off around 3:30ish and his wife, Dora took us to the local mall to shop and watch a movie. When we got out of the movie, she called at 6:30ish to tell us our truck was ready and she was coming to pick us up! We were back on the road and since were were running a few hours ahead it didn't even throw us off schedule! You couldn't ask for better service or better people. They actually cared about our situation and help us out in a time of need. I highly reccomend America's Transmissions in Yuma, AZ. I truly believe God put us in the right place at the right time! Our spring break vacation was awesome and would not have been possible without their kindness. We had no problems going up and down the mountains and hills along our trip. The repair was so quick, that instead of it being a bad memory, it was actually a good memory that we will remember on our trip. Also, having the nationwide warranty on a transmission we had to rebuild out of state made our breakdown a little less painful as well knowing if we had any more troubles, we could take it anywhere nationwide. Pablo and Dora, you are awesome and we wish you many blessings!
- Cheryl Stevens - Humble, TX.
Dear Mr. Wiggins, I want to express our deepest gratitude for your help and the services of ATRA. As you know from our conversation, my wife and I were on a long distance vacation with our boat in tow when our transmission when out in Placerville Ca. We had never been to Placerville, let alone know of anyone there to help us with such a problem. Thankfully, we found your company through a friend and with one phone call had a referral to one of your certified shops in close distance to the hotel we landed at. Once we made contact with J&C Automotive, their professionalism put us right at ease. They provided safe storage for our boat and had the ball rolling on the transmission right away. They are exactly the people and the type of shop you want to deal with at a time like that. Although my wife and I had an extended vacation in Placerville, we were able to enjoy the area and not stress about our vehicle or who was working on it. Thank you for your help, thanks ATRA for the service, and thanks to J&C Automotive for being part of your group. Your phone numbers will travel with us from now on!
- Stephen Doiron - Santa barbara, CA
I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service and help I received under your warranty. A special thanks to Randall and Deon. I will most defiantly be purchasing an ATRA warranty on future transmissions because of this experience. Thank you all again very much.
- Brian G. Schrier - Norfolk, VA
As a tribute to our local ATRA shop I would like to make a statement of fact about how well we were treated, our mechanic’s abilities, their fine character and commitment to getting us on the road. Three days before our vacation trip to visit our son was to start, our car developed a transmission problem that had us wondering if we would be able to make the 1100 mile journey west. Tom and Mike at Allegan Transmission & auto Repair located in Allegan MI came to our rescue! The parts were ordered and on Monday morning the repair began. Their trouble-shooting expertise lead them to the root of the problem, more parts were ordered and a day and a half later we were on our way with enough time to salvage our long awaited trip. We felt lucky to have not left home before the car problem erupted and that Mike & Tom of Allegan Transmission were the guys for the repair job. These ATRA Organization members and the members nationwide made us confident that if we had troubles en route we could rely on equally qualified, upright, hones, sincere repairmen to take care of us.
- Eric & Liz Schweikert - Otsego, MI
ATRA, I am not an individual who sits down and writes letters of this kind. In this case though I felt compelled too. One year ago I had transmission problems while traveling through Lancaster, Ca. After a few phone calls I found a shop that rebuilt my transmission, gave me a one year ATRA warranty and got me on my way. Fast forward one year; I had traveled back to So-Cal for work and was experiencing what I thought to be a valve sticking in the valve body on my transmission. Upon calling ATRA a very pleasant gal gave me the name of a shop in the area that I was headed. I then proceeded to call Pacific Coast Transmission and speak with Johnny who seemed to be very knowledgeable and professional. I explained that I was traveling for work and would have a limited time table. Johnny was understanding and although he made no guarantees to me about being able to get me right in and out of his shop the next day did promise to do all he could to accommodate me. Upon arriving at the shop the following morning Johnny happened to be gone yet his employee explained he would be back shortly. Upon his arrival back to the shop Johnny immediately made contact with me letting me know that just as quickly he was done with his current customer he would be with me. After speaking with Johnny I immediately felt that he was very knowledgeable. I will state I grew up in the car business and am an ASE certified technician, (although I have changed careers a few years ago), and usually do not trust too many shops. Johnny Acetes was not only knowledgeable and extremely professional but also had a very clean and organized shop and was very accommodating. He was able to get me in and out of his shop within a couple of hours doing what I feel was superb work after thoroughly explaining what he felt needed to be done and what he was going to do. With shops such as Johnny's, Pacific Coast Transmission belonging to ATRA you have nothing but a great future for your warranty program. As you can probably already tell from the above I would recommend Johnny and his shop to anyone in need of the absolute best transmission work in the Lomita, Ca, South Bay California area. Thank you Pacific Coast Transmission!!!
- Kevin W Kressly - Caldwell, ID
I was lucky enough, when I needed a rebuild on my transmission while on a road trip in May, to be sent to Dusty's Transmission Service in Medford, Oregon for the repair. He did a warranty on his work. I needed to travel to California again last week. My transmission worked very well. I statrted for home on Saturday afternoon. ANY mechanical device may have problems down the road. As it happens, I had a bearing fail in the transmission while traveling through Crescent City, California several months after the rebuild. That was on Saturday. I stayed in Crescent City for two nights. When Dusty's shop opened on Monday morning, he was a man of his word. I needed a $400.00 tow to his shop. My insurance covers $200 of the cost. Dusty wrote a check to cover the remaining $200 cost. He was ready to put the car right into the shop. He fixed all the issues with no out of pocket cost to me except motel. He had the car less than one day, rebuilt the transmission, and installed a new torque coverter. They brought the car to my motel and got me underway in good time. I was home in Washington State Tuesday evening. If ANYONE needs transmission work, in or near Medford, Oregon, I highly recommend Dusty's Transmission for your car's needs.
- Richard Kimbell - Vancouver, Washington
I just wanted to send a quick note about my experience with Dominion Automatic Transmission shop in Calgary, Alberta. Two weeks ago I had a very rarely pleasant experience dealing with an automotive business! Unfortunately this is a rare occasion so I feel like I should verbalize my appreciation. I saw that they are a member of your association and thought I would let you know that they went out of their way to help me out with my rear differential issue and did a great job with a great attitude! (exact opposite experience I had at the Dodge dealership who charged me $120 to top off my power steering fluid to fix my differential issue!)
- Chris Valin - Calgary, Alberta
Dick's Transmissions. Superior, Wisconsin I met with Dale about a month ago about a transmission slip I was having on a 2003 Tahoe. I'm a small independent automotive wholesaler and the name of the game is to find great service at an inexpensive rate so I can flip them quickly. I found everything in one shop, not only did they replace my transmission in a day they also fixed a catalytic converter, a broken exhaust manifold with broken bolts in a 24 hour period. That was amazing ! They also gave me a vehicle to drive which just added to the convenience of bringing my vehicle there. I have told everyone I know about Dicks Transmission and I will continue to do so. They have rightfully earned my business and I look forward to dealing with them again.
- Stephen Shindley
I took my 2002 Ford Explorer AWD to Certified Transmission of Olathe, because it was shifting erratically, and shuddering upon shifting. Being a car guy, I was certain I was ready for a new transmission at 110,000 miles. Jeff Smith (the manager) listened to my symptoms, drove the truck, and then, despite me giving him every opportunity to take $3800 of my hard-earned money on a new transmission, took only $150 from me for a transmission flush, new filter, and additive package. He wanted to start there, because he was certain that would fix it. IT DID! It operated like the day the truck was new...just perfect. I told him I was amazed, and he said he just likes to earn customer's business, so the customers will keep coming back, their friends and neighbors will keep coming back, and even the customer's kids will come in. That is exactly what happened. I developed a relationship with Certified Transmission of Olathe over years, and have taken countless vehicles to them, and always experience fantastic, affordable service. I've referred many people to them, and they've all had the same experience. I was so impressed with the level of service that I sought out Peter Fink, the owner of Certified Transmission. He was happy to hear the great feedback about Jeff Smith and company, and Peter, being a car guy himself, found interest in some of my car hobbies. As a result, I developed a relationship with Peter, as well. Certified Transmission of Olathe is simply awesome. Honest, affordable...the job done right at the right price. It is priceless to have a mechanic’s team like that in your corner!
- Greg Branham - Olathe, KS
I wanted to take a moment to write you a letter expressing my sincere appreciation for the assistance you provided when the transmission on my truck failed on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. As you may recall, my family and I were returning home to Michigan from Washington D.C. towing a fifth-wheel when the transmission on our truck went out on the PA turnpike at mile marker 154. When I called your business from the turnpike you could not have been more supportive and understanding of our situation. You indicated that once our truck was towed to your shop and you had a chance to check it out you would give us several estimates of possible repair options. Once you had the truck and diagnosed the problem, you thought you could get us back on the road within a matter of days so that we could get our grand-daughter on her Saturday flight from Flint, MI back to her home in Omaha, NE. You also kept us informed of your progress through the repair process. You did all of the above and we picked up the Truck Friday and drove the 468 miles to Flint without incident and our grand-daughter made her flight at 7:40 AM Saturday morning. I also want you to know that while you were working on the truck we called several shops back in Michigan to get a price on what the repair would have cost had we been back home when the transmission failed. We were delighted to learn that you price was very fair and reasonable, for which we are most grateful as well. Let me close by thanking you again for your courtesy, excellent work, professionalism and accommodating our schedule. When traveling and experiencing a problem like this it is wonderful to know that there are folks who are kind, understand and treat you fairly and professionally throughout the repair process. Thank you TJ’s Transmission Service Inc.
- Gary Ross Otisville, MI
We had the pleasure of staying at your Chicot State Park on Memorial weekend this year. Unfortunately our truck had transmission problems during our camping trip. We were headed back to Florida from Nevada. Some nice campers told us about a business in town that could help us, Ville Platte Transmission. We called Alan on Sunday and he returned our call telling us he would work on our truck Monday, Memorial Day. We want to let everyone in your town know how HAPPY we were for his expertise. He not only worked on a holiday to help us get back on the road, he loaned us his truck, and a ladder to fix a problem with our travel trailer. He gave us a ride back to our campsite and returned to pick us up when our truck was fixed. He" did a fantastic job fixing our truck for less than half what a dealer would have charged. Please let everyone know about his business and what a great person he is. We will return to Louisiana in the future to do some more camping.
- Cliff and Laurie Barber - Steinhatchee FL